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Elevate your hiring success with Teknē’s specialized expertise in sourcing
high-demand, employed, and
passive tech talent. 

Securing and retaining exceptional talent is
pivotal for your success.  One of the biggest hurdles
organizations encounter as they scale, innovate, and evolve is the technology skills gap.

Your team is the core of your business, and finding the perfect match can significantly impact your company culture and financial performance.  

Through Teknē’s direct placement, dedicated focus and strategic approach, your organization will: 

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Teknē is powered by an advanced applicant tracking system, cultivated talent networks and a database of over:


eight million candidates

Each of our experts is immersed in a single business sector, which allows them to stay informed about changing trends within the industry.


The goal is to ensure our clients a high level of expertise in the specific industry they serve. 


Combined with our decades of expertise, we excel at identifying and delivering the ideal candidate through three engagement models.

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Our Engagement Models: 


Teknē streamlines the hiring process by presenting candidates directly to your organization for direct placement positions.

This model ensures a swift
and efficient recruitment
process, allowing you to
access top talent seamlessly
and build a long-term,
dedicated team. 


Our high volume engagement

model caters to organizations

with larger staffing needs. 

By bundling recruitment services, 

Teknē offers a cost-effective

solution for multiple hires.


This model provides flexibility

in scaling your workforce while maintaining the high quality of candidates, making it an ideal

choice for projects requiring

a substantial team. 


Tailored for leadership positions, this model focuses on identifying and recruiting top-tier,

retained executives.


Through a meticulous and personalized approach,

Teknē leverages our extensive network and industry

expertise to find candidates who align with your organization's vision and contribute

significantly to its success.  

Your Future Starts Now.

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